About Convert 3D

What is this?

Convert 3D converts 3D models from a wide range of formats. No need to buy expensive software or install anything. Convert 3D converts between popular formats like FBX and OBJ, but also the lesser known formats you might have received from a coworker or supplier.

Can you see my files?

No. Your files never leave your computer when you use Convert 3D. The conversion process happens right in your browser using a technology called Web Assembly. This allows Convert 3D to be as fast or faster than an app installed on your computer or a server in the cloud.

How can I verify my privacy?

Pick a converter page, turn off your internet connection and see for yourself that it still works. You can also check the network traffic in e.g. Chrome';s developer tools to verify that your model is never sent to our servers.

How long does it take to convert a 3D model?

Less than a second for a simple model. If your model has a lot of polygons, it may take up to a few seconds.

Why is it free with no ads? What's the catch?

We are 3D professionals ourselves and we never loved the online converters that upload the 3D models to their server. We see Convert 3D as one way to pay back to the community. We also have a Pro tier with advanced features for professionals. Check out our Pricing section to learn more.

Who made this?

Convert 3D is made by Sharkato, a joint venture between Sharkcorn Aps (CVR-44241013) and Otato GmbH (CHE-216.601.436), based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland.
Convert 3D