Convert3D API

Automate 3D model conversion

Convert3D's model conversion API is now open for beta users. It's free while in beta, and our goal is to keep the price at a fraction of hiring a freelancer or doing it in-house.

Set up in as little as 15 minutes

In most cases, the integration is a single line of code. It's a simple REST call you can call from any scripting language on any operating system.

Get rid of manual work

Reduce back-and-forths, expensive contractor fees, and spend your time on what's important, rather than worrying about 3D model formats.

Fast and reliable

With our content delivery network, you most likely are literally next door to a server, minimizing upload and download times. The conversion itself usually takes less than 5 seconds, so you don't have to worry about timeouts.

More than 400 conversion types

And we're constantly adding more formats.

Convert 3D